Our Services

Creative Design

Our design professionals provide a sketch design that takes into account your existing home or land. We provide a cost estimate for the design we provide. Our interior designer works with you to make your colour and fixture selections, with everything specified clearly for a fixed price contract.


Our architect draws the plans as required for construction purposes, along with detailed interior drawings, for kitchen cabinetry. We represent your design to local authorities on your behalf and complete all requirements for obtaining permits and permission to build.


If you enjoy your neighbourhood, the best solution for your growing family’s needs is to extend your existing home.  Urban Effects has extensive experience and expertise in designing and building home extensions.  The benefit of starting the process with us is that our creative team, consisting of builders, architect and interior designer, will work with you and your budget.  This avoids the pain of detailing a design, only to find that construction costs are beyond expectations.  We make sure you achieve your goals, from concept to completion.

New Homes

An individually designed new home by Urban Effects will maximize the potential of your property.  We take into account your needs and style, as well as land size, solar orientation, slope and neighbourhood characteristics.  A standard project home builder will be cheaper per square, but Urban Effects will provide more lifestyle enjoyment, character and quality per dollar, every time!


Sometimes a small change can make a big difference.  An extra window here or a new wall opening there… We love to put our creative minds to work to find solutions for your home.  The first consultation is free, so make a time to drop into our office and have a chat about your place!

Outdoor Entertaining

Our advice to customers who are considering adding a deck to their home or including one in their house plans is “you won’t regret it!”  We will design and build you an outdoor living area that compliments your home and existing living spaces, as well as taking into account the character of your home.  We also consider solar orientation, to be sure your outdoor living area is light and bright in winter, as well as protected and cool in summer.


More than ever, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Your kitchen is your workspace, entertainment zone, social hub, homework table etc. We will design your kitchen to make sure it suits all purposes, including cabinetry layout, colour, surface selections, plumbing and electrical fittings, building it to top specifications.  Most importantly, we’ll work in your home with courtesy and respect.  Instead of a tough time, we’ll make your renovation an exciting and enjoyable experience.


Urban Effects will incorporate creatively designed bathrooms into your new home.  We work with you to renovate your existing bathroom.  We have access to some beautiful products.  We will design and build all of the cabinetry to perfectly fit the space, your style and needs.  Bring us your bathroom ideas, and we’ll help you create the perfect bathroom to really give your home a lift!

Dual Occupancy

If you have room in your back yard that you no longer need, turn it into income by developing a second dwelling.  We can help with the permits and red tape, as well as design and construction.  A successful development is cost effective and speedy.  Let us use our expertise to take the hassle out of development, and provide you with a great result.  It’s no hassle for us to sit down and do a feasibility study on your property with you, so call us today to get the process started!

Multi Unit Development

Take the hassle out of development with a stylish and cost effective design by Urban Effects, perfectly suited to your property and your criteria.  We will look after all of the red tape and permits, taking you from the dream to completion.  Give us a call to arrange to sit down and do a feasibility study on your property with you!