Our Team

All of our carpenters are Urban Effects employees, trained in our culture and quality.  You will notice the difference in the manner and character of our tradesmen.  As well as our full time carpenters, we have a team of dedicated sub-contractors who perform the other certified work, for example electricians, plumbers, plasterers and tilers.  We have worked hard to select this team on their reliability and quality, but also on their compatibility with our ethics and culture.


Position: Managing Director and Founder

Steve is the owner of Urban Effects Pty Ltd, and has been in the construction industry for 18 years. Urban Effects has a unique organizational structure for the building industry, with a focus on leadership development and shared responsibility. The company is developing a good reputation in the industry due to the quality of work and the positive culture that is evident in the company. This reflects Steve’s desire to build men, not just houses. The company has been able to do some charity work, including free bathroom renovations for disabled people in financial difficulty.   He hopes that there is potential for more and greater work like this.


Position: Building Manager | Time at Urban Effects: 2008 - Present

The reason I like working for Urban Effects is that we strive for providing a quality product at a fair price. We are concerned about the welfare of employees and clients; this is a company that cares.


Position: Finance Officer | Time at Urban Effects: 2009 - Present

I have worked in many offices in my working life, but the one that I have felt the most valued is Urban Effects. There is a culture of encouragement and love that comes from the top and filters through to everyone. This makes it the place to be! Coming to work is not a chore, rather a chance to be with caring people who take time to look beyond the casual “how are you going?” Yes, we do work hard, but it never feels like it’s the only thing that matters.


Position: Interior Designer & Contracts Administrator | Time at Urban Effects: 2013 - Present

Urban Effects has stretched and grown me to be the best I can be for the tasks at hand. We work hard and value our team, trades and clients. This is a work place that strives for excellence and realises the importance of openness to correction; the transparency makes it a work place where everyone is valued in his or her role. This then allows the company to maintain great strength in quality of product and services. An intentional healthy work culture and ethics are at the forefront of what we do, we achieve well and I believe we have a great point of difference in the building industry.

Kathryn Ryder

Position: Interior Designer & Contracts Administrator | Time at Urban Effects: 2015 - Present

It’s so refreshing to be part of an aspirational company with outstanding core values and a commitment to deliver quality builds. We are focused on providing a customised service, satisfaction and projects to be proud of. Our design and build process is really tailored to the individual project needs, which makes each build a personal experience.

I enjoy collaborating with clients and the Urban Effects team to achieve the best possible results for each project. Working within a caring and supportive team makes for a great work life. I enjoy each stage of a project from concept design to construction. It’s so satisfying to see a client’s project hopes and dreams become a reality.

Alessandra (Aka: Alex)

Position: Building Designer & Drafter | Time at Urban Effects: 2015 - Present

I can safely say Urban Effects is the nicest place I have ever worked at – you don’t just feel like another employee, but more like a family member. Going to work has become one of my favourite activities! I am lucky to be apart of such a supportive team; a team that inspires the improvement of oneself both professionally and in the everyday approach to life and people. The team encourages you to always be the best version of yourself. Urban Effects is the proof that not all building companies are the same; some truly genuine people still exist out there. I have been given the chance to grow professionally and have a life I have always dreamed of – needless to say words will never be able to express my gratitude. I feel extremely lucky and blessed thanks to them. If I were to ever start my own business, I will be sure to base it on the Urban Effects model!


Position: Site Leader | Time at Urban Effects: 2009 - Present

Urban Effects is a wonderful company with a great bunch of people to work with that care about one another. They also strive to build a great finished product, which is a goal I too share. I like to be able to stand back at the end of a job and know in my mind we could not have done any better.


Position: Site Leader | Time at Urban Effects: 2009 - Present

Urban Effects has a great Team of guys to work with each day who are a lot of fun as well as hard workers. The work place is easy going and cares about the person not just the work at hand. I enjoy working here with the high quality workmanship; it’s a great company to work for.

Ben (Aka: Stopper)

Position: Site Leader | Time at Urban Effects: 2011 - Present

Working at Urban Effects, is one of those things in life that should be done by everyone.  If someone were to experience the “Urban Effect”, they would experience a workplace, which is fun, exciting and stimulating. Learning new things is always intriguing as everyone makes it so easy.  Getting up out of bed in the freezing cold middle of winter is made easier, knowing you get to spend your day with people you call mates.


Position: Lead Carpenter | Time at Urban Effects: 2013 - Present

Urban Effects is a great warm welcoming company. I’m proud to be here, the work environment is by far the best I’ve experienced. I enjoy being a part of the team very much. I look forward to learning from my colleagues and improving my skills.