About Urban Effects

Urban Effects is a designing and building company that will create for you the home that you are dreaming of.  We pride ourselves in our ability to imagine amazing design concepts and then make them a reality.


Urban Effects has a vision to change people’s attitudes to building.  Our aim is to make the building an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

We desire to leave our mark not only with the excellent results we achieve, but also with memories of positive interactions, teamwork and cooperation.

Extend your imagination.

Steve Grayden – Managing Director

Family is central to Steve’s life work, with being a faithful husband and father central to his life’s call.   Steve has a passion for equipping men for success in their families and in their own life’s call.

Steve founded Urban Effects on a vision of a unique organizational structure, unique to the building industry.  His focus is on leadership development and shared responsibility.  The company has a reputation in the industry for quality of work and the positive culture of company.  This reflects Steve’s desire to build men, not just houses.